In the lead up to my holiday last month I found myself tired, run down and losing my ‘mojo’ – a common feeling with most business owners at some stage in the year or their work life.

Working long hours on your business can take its toll. Taking time out to achieve a real balance is vital. Its important that as business owners, we look after ourselves so we can continue to be productive and happy.

So, here’s my top 7 tips to getting the most out of your work time and play time to ensure you keep the balance:

  • set a schedule and stick to it – make sure your working hours are reasonable and that you have enough time to do both work and personal things. Schedule it all in for the week and commit to it. You’ll feel more in control when you do everything you had planned to.
  • get enough rest – if you find you are working long hours, perhaps you need to look at how you’re spending your time – and look at ways to work smarter, not harder.
  • get out of the office – take regular breaks and go outside. I find most of my best ideas come when I’m not at my desk.
  • eat properly – a big lesson for me this year was to plan and prepare healthy food to sustain energy and keep me at my best. Health must come first – if you’re not in good health, your business will suffer.
  • exercise – schedule in regular exercise to not only keep your body in shape, but your mind too.
  • get outside interests – be sure to have some activities that are totally unrelated to your work so you can really get away from it and recharge.
  • develop your focus – continually revisit your goals and purpose – are you working towards what you want or away from it? Only do those tasks that move you toward what you want.

If you’re not achieving the level of balance you need, what can you do to change things? No excuses! How can you get more time to do the things you need to? How could you improve your time management? What can you delegate or outsource – and be creative with that. Are you really focusing on the important stuff or just keeping busy?

Find your perfect balance and you’ll find you’ll get better results and enjoy your business more.