If you don’t have a big marketing budget and you need to attract more clients, here’s my top tips to low cost marketing activities you can do to get some momentum happening:


Put together list of all your clients (if you don’t already have one) and start emailing them at least once a month. Upload your list to MailChimp and send them information on your services, products, workshops etc. Add a BUY NOW button as standard on every email that goes out. Be sure you have some sort of call to action on every communication. You can also ask current clients to refer you to a friend


Be clear on what you want your audience to do – ie: book in for a workshop today. Make your call to actions clear and strong. Don’t beat around the bush. For example, If you’re feeling stressed right now, I can help. Book in for a massage and feel better in an hour!” Review all your marketing and be sure you have a call to action on everything you do.


Post on your Facebook page (and any other social media page) DAILY. At least once per day. Provide valuable content, educate on what you do, post testimonials to show you are great. Once  a week promote something with a call to action. Check out what your competitors are doing to get some ideas. Advertise in Facebook groups. Search for your local area and click on groups – join as many as are relevant and copy and paste your update in there about once a week (where they let you advertise). Do some Facebook advertising to grow your audience. Like complimentary businesses (same clients as you but not competition) on Facebook as your page and comment on their posts where appropriate, to get your name out there.


Be sure you have a subscription form so people can join your list. Keep in touch with them regularly as per above. Add a video to show who you are to build rapport faster and easier – 2 mins is enough. Your website should be streamlined, easy to find things. Check your analytics for the bounce rates and see what people are looking at. Be sure you have strong call to actions on each page.


Get flyers made up and leave anywhere they will let you. Build your referral network and get them to promote you through their emails, social media and website. And do the same for them. Check out advertising in online/offline magazines like holistic bliss or any related publication.

If you need some help getting your marketing working better, get in touch.